Regular Car Servicing is an Important Part of Preventative Maintenance

Regular car servicing is an important part of preventative maintenance that will keep you vehicle safe and in good working condition. Whether you have a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi, keeping to your manufacturer's recommended servicing schedule will mean that your car is far less likely to let you down and it will help to keep its value up when you come to sell it.

A service will often cover the following aspects; engine oil and oil filter change, checks on the levels of brake/coolant fluid/power steering fluid, checks on lighting /signaling/brakes/clutch, analysis of onboard diagnostics, air filter/spark plug replacements.

Engine Oil (Fully Synthetic)
Oil Filter
18 point checking
Air Filter
Spark Plug
Auto Transmission Oil
Brake System
Radiator Cap
Aircon Efficiency
Aircon System
Aircon Cabin Filter
Aircon Treatment
Timing System
Wheel Bearing
Clutch System
Drive Shaft
Engine Mounting
Fuel Pump
Fuel Line

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